“Ek ly al 22 jaar aan psoriase en uit desperaatheid het
ek Supersalve probeer. Dit het onmiddellik die gejeuk gestop. Die
aangetaste dele op my rug en bene het met 90% verbeter. En dit
net in 4 maande. Dit werk fantasties!”

Elsa van der Merwe
Piet Retief

“It certainly is a miracle cream. I've been using it for a month for
Arthritis of my knee. My daughter was also burnt with boiling hot
coffee… used Supersalve and within seconds the pain and burning
stopped and within a couple of days the burn was history.”

Ethel Downie
Cape Town

“Pain- I was unable to lift my arm for months and, with only a couple
of applications of Supersalve, I am now able to do anything with my arm.”

Doris Smith

“For the avid gardener with cracked fingertips and every other
injury you can imagine. After rubbing Supersalve into my hands, the
change has been miraculous.”


“I had a painful elbow and found it extremely painful to extend or move
my arm. I rubbed Supersalve on all day and the following day I was
using my sore arm…the pain and tenderness was gone.”

Marlene Hufkie
Port Elizabeth

“Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and several Neck ops - For years
I tried all medications from doctors and pharmacies but none seemed
to help until I used your Supersalve. I also used it on my Yorkshire
Terrier as she is allergic to flea bites.”

Fiona Sisson
Port Elizabeth

“I rubbed Supersalve on my 6 year old son's Chickenpox and added
2 teaspoons to his warm bath. The itching stopped at once and he slept
through every night. He sailed through with hardly any scratching or
discomfort and it did not spread over his body.”

Sonja Meier

“I went horseback riding for two hours. I am over 50 and it was
a bit hard on my behind. I rubbed your salve on and presto. We bought
50 jars and gave them to friends. The results have been fabulous.
I could easily sell this.”

Catharine Perry
Houston, Texas

“I was given a small sample of Supersalve cream. I never used it
because - to be honest - I felt that no cream that is applied externally
- can have any effect internally. Well, I have changed my mind.

I am 72 years and have a problem with my one knee - Arthritis. I am
not overweight but well built. Last week I tripped and came down - full
weight on both knees and hands - really hard. When I arrived home - I
saw this little sample and rubbed this well into both my knees and I immediately felt relief but the pain was still there.

I rubbed the ointment in again before I went to bed - and when I awoke
- I felt no pain. - the pain was gone and not even a blue mark anywhere. My
knees feel so good - and still do. I shall carry on using it on my arthritic
knee (which already seems better and only after 2 applications). With
all honesty I can confirm that this cream is truly a miracle cream.”

Val Brooks
Mossel Bay, South Africa.

“I have Osteoarthritis of my right hip, the joint space is virtually
obliterated, says the radiology report. My right knee is also a problem.
I have found Supersalve to be a godsend. Without it I would be walking
with a stick and facing joint replacement surgery. I find its effect to be
astonishing; pain relief occurs literally within minutes. Yesterday I woke
with severe hip and knee pain. After using a stick I applied a generous
dollop of Supersalve to my knee and hip - walked through to the
kitchen and found I did not really need the stick.

I also have controlled rheumatoid arthritis; Supersalve is great for
keeping my hands supple and I rub it into my back before I start
something like gardening, which is guaranteed to make my back
ache, with good effect.”

Jill Ueckerman
East London, S.A.

“Since I have been using Super Salve I have found remarkable
results. This product is very effective indeed. I have found it alleviates
the following swollen glands, stiff joints, aching legs, arthritis, stiff neck,
sinusitis, mosquito bites, backache, bruises, burns. Super Salve has
improved the quality of my life. I will always ensure that I have this
product in my home and never be without it. I have benefited
greatly, since I've been using it. Thanking you!”

Mrs L.O. Blom
Prestbury, Pmb.

“We've run out of cream, and my mother would love to get more cream,
as it relieves her very much some of her pains. The cream also is very
good for skin spots. (The spots disappear). So I was wondering (and
hoping) that there is some way to get more cream, here in Spain. I
would be very grateful if you could please study the possibilities
of doing this sending. Thanks!”

Ms Esperanza De Nicolas

“All my life I have suffered with cracked fingertips, particularly in Winter.
I have even slept in cream gloves. Tried every cream on the market. All to
no avail. When 2 months ago someone told me about Supersalve I bought
it the same day. It took the pain away immediately & within 3 days
cracks had closed up. I call it miracle cream. Thank you.”

Clarissa Starling

“I attended the Complementary Health Exhibition in London where I
was given a sample of your salve. I am a practising Homeopath
and Reflexologist and am very impressed with its efficacy.”

Kent, U.K.

“We do massages by your balm Supersalve.
It works. Works good. Thank you."

Rena, Polish Masseur
London. U.K.