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Deep Acting Remedy and Skin Food

Recovery in sports and other minor injuries as well as to relieve strained muscles

Fight away germs

For prevention and relief of Sinusitis, Colds, Flu, Hay-fever, Swimmers ears and Itchy-ears.

Pain Relief

Nature’s anti–germicidal, pain-relieving oil for Teething Babies, Gum-Boils, Thrush, Gingivitis and Post-Extraction Trauma

Skin Care

Easily absorbed and rich in moisturising and anti-oxidant properties, it is ideal for nourishing and revitalising problem skin.


I want to thank you for a wonderful product. I was unable to lift my arm for months, and with only a few applications of Supersalve, I am now able to do anything with my arm.

Doris Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I went horseback riding for two hours. I am over 50 and it was a bit hard on my behind. I rubbed your salve on and presto. We bought 50 jars and gave them to friends. The results have been fabulous.

Catherine Texas, USA

My children found it far more effective and easier to apply than the very runny Calamine lotion. It is wonderful to have a first aid kit in a tube handy for all those ailments. What did we ever do without it before!

Andrea Kent, UK