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How Your Gums Affect Your Health

Supersalve gum drops
Periodontitis is the medical name for gum disease, but being smart means not letting your gems or those of your children get into that state.  Supersalve gum drop bottle, which is great for teething babies, for toothache till you get to the dentist and for post dental surgery trauma will keep your mouth and gums healthy.

Adopt the Non-toxic Approach to Skincare

skincare organic topical creams balms oils
Your skin is a marvel of engineering genius and while its works silently and invisibly, your support counts. Nourish yourself internally and externally and love the skin you’re in!

Feed Your Face a Feast this Winter

supersalve organic skin solutions
 A few smart habits for yourself and your family will keep your faces glowing with health, elasticity, and vibrancy.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Supersalve Gum organic Drops
Gumdrops are more than just a relief measure till you can get to the dentist, they supply your gums with added support and protection when used more regularly as part of your oral hygiene.

When it Hurts, Go Deep

When it Hurts, Go Deep
It is no longer contested that the skin is the largest organ of the body. That’s good in more than one way - not least of which it's an adequate disguise for your insides! But it’s also a portal to your insides!

Hot Tips For a Better Winter Skin

Your skin suffers in the winter because of colder temperatures and less humidity that dries it out. Fear not. Supersalve balms and ointments can re...

When ENT Specialists & Homeopathy Fail, and Organic Formulations Win!

When ENT Specialists & Homeopathy Fail, and Organic Formulations Win!
sport’s injury ointment, the ear and nose formulation, gumdrops, massage balm, essential oils, cell-care oils, and a moisturiser to nourish and heal, will complete your selection

The Right Diet for Your Skin Starts in Your Head

The Right Diet for Your Skin Starts in Your Head
We might be good at avoiding foods that make us ill - or fat - but are we doing the same for our skin?  Would be surprised to learn that the diet y...

Autumn is Time to Initiate Winter Skincare Protocols

supersalve skincare organic
 Your skin is the barrier between your insides and environmental impact. Organic preparations are readily absorbed by the skin compared to artificial products. Ready yourself and your family for seasonal changes and protect the largest organ of your body more than ever.

The Marvels of Massage Therapy

The Marvels of Massage Therapy
As part of integrated medicine, massage therapy has well-recognized benefits. Let’s dig into some.

Does Your Skin need Help?

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Skin conditions are not just about what's going on in your body, it's just as much about what's going on inside your head!

Body Aches & Pains

Supersalve herbal organic natural balm
Body aches and pains are greatly relieved just applying organic topical balm. Source and reasons for body pain is key and medications may be needed. Even then organic preparations make a noteworthy difference.