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Organic Rescue for Traumatized Skin

Supersalve natural organic balm
Traumatized skin is felt no more acutely than when the skin on your hands reacts to stress, seasonal change or chemicals. We do everything with our...

Therapeutic Self Massage

Therapeutic Self Massage
While there’s nothing more wonderful than a professional massage, daily self-massage with a good quality organic lotion is incredibly therapeutic. ...

Awesome Natural Scalp and Facial Skin Care Tips

Supersalve Plus skincare natural facial and scalp balm
Traditional facial skincare is not always suitable for the scalp. Whether the scalp is beautifully adored with hair or not, it needs to be treated separately. 

A Strong Case for Natural Topical Pain Relief

A Strong Case for Natural Topical Pain Relief
The NIH (National Institutes of Health) makes the salient point that ‘chronic pain is a problem for more individuals in the United States than diab...

Why Supersalve All-Care Balm Works

Topical skin healing balm
When Supersalve put the ingredients together for their flagship All-Care Balm formula, each one carrying their own range of capabilities, a truly u...

What to do about a Case of Swimmer’s Ear

Supersalve swimmer's ear and earache remedy
Swimmer’s ear is a mild condition where prevention plays a vital role. Those vulnerable to this condition should use Supersalve’s organic ear drops and use of earplugs can prevent infection from developing.

Skincare is a Family Affair

supersalve skincare
Skincare for SA males is slow in coming forward while for women, its as natural as brushing teeth. European males care for their skin but it’s the harsher SA climate that takes greater toll on facial skin especially. What can the SA male do at home to achieve great skin?

What is Supersalve Sports Rub used for?

Supersalve Sports Rub for adults and kids muscle or arthritic pain
Muscle sprains , strains and injuries are not limited to active sporty people. At risk are the unfit and children who land in emergency rooms regarding injuries. Supersalve's Sports Rub works to speed up healing to bone depth.

Skin Stress

Supersalve balm massage Skin Body Scrub Organic
Skin takes strain too. Organic home-made exfoliating recipe that improves absorption of healing balms for the skin. Supersalve Herbal Sports Rub has potent organic ingredients you skin will literally 'drink' in as it penetrates deep into the tissues.

Feeling it in Your Bones?

organic balm soothes bone and joint pain
Pain in the bones and joints affects almost everyone at some stage. Organic balms and ointments support and speed up the body's innate healing process.

Intelligent Skin Care

News Intelligent Skin Care Supersalve
What we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream. Intelligent use of  organic topical creams, balms and ointments avoids turning our bodies into a toxic dump.

Understanding the Super in Supersalve

supersalve organic balm healing cream

Topical creams abound, but understanding the super in Supersalve will set this balm apart form the rest. This is no mere superficial skin salve; it is packed with the best of nature’s ingredients.