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Autumn is Time to Initiate Winter Skincare Protocols

Do you know what happens when you neglect your skin? Dead cells and environmental debris builds up and lay the groundwork for infection, rough skin, and extra wrinkles. Ah, we had you at wrinkles, did we?

Dermatitis Neglecta is the official name for not caring properly for our skin. New skin cells emerge as old cells are shed and your skin undergoes a complete turnover every 30 days or so.

Winter Skin Challenges

In the winter months, your skin may not sweat as much and you may be tempted to wash less often. Big mistake!  Your skin is still shedding and collecting environmental debris.

Worse, you may tend to drink less water. Another big mistake. Your skin needs more hydration in autumn and winter.

Autumn Skincare Preparation

As the summer fades, it’s time to step up your hydration. That could be simply drinking sufficient water.

But it will help if you start  feeding your skin with a good organic moisturizer more often. Don't wait for your skin to dry out and tighten as the temperature changes. 

Winter Skincare 

You greatly assist your skin in its work by daily bathing or showering to wash off the debris it collected on any given day. Sloughing off dead cells using specific sponges or rough gloves is another vital winter skincare practice.

Your facial skin is the most sensitive and the most absorbent skin. Let it serve as the warning for the rest of your skin that help is needed.

Three-pronged Family Skincare Assistance

  • Faces will live the Supersalve Plus moisturiser tube and it’ll be best if each family member has their own supply.
  • Supersalve All-Care balm comes in family-size tubes so you can help everyone to keep their skin healthy through seasonal change.
  • Babies and the elderly could do well with using the Supersalve Cell Care essential oil as an after-bath massage.

supersalve organic skincare range


In Summary: Never take your skin for granted. It is the barrier between your insides and environmental impact. Besides that, it needs to trap moisture to keep hydrated. And we’re not just talking about facial care here. We are talking about your skin as the largest organ of your body. Organic preparations are readily absorbed by the skin compared to artificial products.

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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