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Collagen and St John's Wort

Collagen is and will remain a hot topic for as long as there are wrinkles on skin! What most don't know is that St John's Wort is a secret super-producer of naturally generated collagen in the body. But first, let's introduce you to its other superpowers.

St John's Wort a.k.a. Hypericum perforatum, is a flowering plant known for its medicinal properties, and it is commonly used in herbal and natural skin care products. Its antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory effects make it a popular choice for those looking for an effective organic skin care product. 


UVA Sun Protection

Studies have shown that this powerful plant assists in protecting against sunburn, improves skin clarity, and reduces age spots and wrinkles. St John's wort has been found to reduce the effects of skin damage caused by UV radiation. 

Healing & Soothing

With compounds called hypericin and hyperforin, which have been known to reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin, St John’s Wort is effective in the treatment of many skin conditions. The herb has traditionally been used as an antiseptic, to treat wounds, skin ulcers, and burns, and more recently has been used to soothe skin related to eczema and psoriasis. 

Collagen Production

Best of all, St John's Wort has been found to stimulate the production of collagen. This helps to reduce wrinkles, and enhance the skin's tone and elasticity, while also protecting against UV damage. 

When an ingredient stimulates the body’s own collagen production, you are assured that not one molecule of collagen goes to waste. Every bit produced is recognised by the cells in the body that need it most.

Conclusion:  St John's Wort has a range of beneficial effects on the skin and can be used to both treat and prevent skin conditions. Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and collagen-stimulating properties make it a popular and effective ingredient for organic skin care products. 

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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