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Organic Rescue for Traumatized Skin

Traumatized skin is felt no more acutely than when the skin on your hands reacts to stress, seasonal change or chemicals. We do everything with our hands other than think. As humans, hands are a vitally important tool and when the skin on our hands or fingers or flares up, it is honestly crippling.

True Story

Heila met Rika when she went to her nail salon so it was a shock when Rika recently sent pictures of the state of her hands, asking if Heila knew something that might help. Here is the photograph:


Rika had worked without any reaction to her hands, applying acrylic nail enhancements for her customers. But since she began working with Gel nails, her hands and fingertips especially, reacted badly, as shown in the photo above.

What would you have suggested?

Rika had been to see the doctor of course, but there was nothing to be done other than give up her craft. Dejected, she turned to Heila for advice.

Remembering that 'once upon a time',  she had  bought a tub of Supersalve All-Care Balm, Heila saw that there was still plenty in the jar. But due to the traumatized state of Rika’s fingers, Heila wisely called the Supersalve HQ for assurance in recommending it. HQ explained that the cream is pure, organic and natural and that it would most certainly help.

Supersalve Treatment Diary

Day 1:Tuesday June 29th 2021 photo and first daytime application.


Rika reports that at first, the balm stung and it absorbed into the open wounds. she informed Heila, who called Supersalve HQ again. She learned that the anti-septic properties from the eucalyptus and honey might make themselves felt at first, but to please repeat the application that night again. Rika reported that it stung very little then.

 Day 5: Saturday July 3rd after two application a day


Day 9 - Wednesday July 7th 2021, almost there!


Rika was ecstatic at the results and told Heila Supersalve all-care balm is a miracle cream and that it should be called that!


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  • Real maricle salve . 🙏


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