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Powerful Organic Parfait for Your Skin

Skincare is becoming intrinsic to modern South Africans who have been educated regarding the need to protect and nourish the skin. Harsh sunlight, polluted air, and the popularity of fast foods have contributed to rapidly ageing and unhealthy skin.

Supersalve has an excellent range of organic skin care products, a veritable parfait for your skin, whether troubled or not.

A Perfectly Symbiotic Relationship

There is a recognised symbiotic relationship between feeding your skin and feeding your body. Wherever you take an inventory of your health and well-being, remember to take note of that. A good diet is essential for your overall health, and your skin's health is no exception.

Is Sun Protection that Important?

You might be surprised to learn that your diet can protect you from photoaging (aging caused by sun exposure). Supplements alone will not provide adequate protection from harmful rays, but they can be taken in addition to sunscreen and protective clothing.

  • Antioxidants - Organic crams and balms will avert some sun damage and so do Vitamins C and E. Fruits and vegetables, green tea, and even chocolate contain antioxidants. The vitamin E in foods can absorb ultraviolet light energy, preventing damage to the skin.
  • Minerals - skin can be protected from the sun by topical products containing zinc and selenium.
  • Food -  reducing sugar consumption may protect the skin from wrinkles and sagging.

Does Good Nutrition Cure Skin Problems?

Ok, staying real, good nutrition alone will not solve skin problems, but research shows that it can make a huge difference in some conditions. For example:

  • Acne - you may experience acne flare-ups due to your diet. The elimination of processed foods such as bread and snacks, as well as sugary drinks, may help. Caution is due when it comes to chemical preparations such as those containing Accutane which may cause birth deformities. Organic formulations are a win-win here.
  • Psoriasis -  a condition that causes thick, scaly patches on the skin. Even allopathic disciples recognise the value of vitamins and natural ingredients in psoriasis treatments.
  • Wounds - direct topical ointments will speed up healing and so will food with plenty of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. 
  • Inflammation - organic preparations have been effective in reading inflammation and swelling of the skin. Consuming foods rich in  Vitamins D and E  will assist your skin immensely.

In summary: What you feed your body and what you feed your skin, work in symbiosis to create healthy, youthful, glowing skin. Teach your children to eat mindfully long before they hit the teen years when the skin starts to reflect what’s going on inside. Every family member should understand their own skin and how to take care of it. 

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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