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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Trips to the dentist are high on the list of ‘pet phobias’. Nonetheless, when there’s something amiss in your mouth, the pain overrides the fear and there you are sitting in the waiting room. 

Worse, when your child is the one experiencing the agony! Is there anything you can do to lessen the pain? Yes there is! 

Enter Supersalve organic Gum Drops!

Tooth Wisdom Means Gum Drops

Supersalve formulated super-effective, organic dental gum drops that will literally halve the pain and double gum health and oral hygiene. No home should be without a bottle of gum drops for each member of the family.

When any mouth injury occurs, or a child bumps a tooth and the like, having Supersalve Gum Drops in your first aid box makes total sense.

Gum drops are more than just a relief measure till you can get to the dentist, they supply your gums with added support and protection when used more regularly as part of your oral hygiene routine.

Teething Babies and Gumdrops

Nothing worse than a baby’s teething time. It has been said that an adult couldn’t handle the pain these little ones endure.

Supersalve’s power-packed ingredients are all organic and perfectly safe for babies …and their elderly grandparents too for that matter.

Gum Drops and Post-Dental Trauma Healing

We don’t advise you examine your dental ‘wounds’ post-surgery - it may resemble a scene from Dexter in your backyard! But simply letting the golden drops glide from the bottle onto your sore gums will speed the healing and dull the pain.

You may even wish to treat your gums before surgery to give yourself a head start in the right direction.

Supersalve organic Gum Drops

Gum Drops and Your Oral Hygiene

Once you add the use of Supersalve’s gum drop preparation you'll never look back. It is essentially nature’s anti-germicidal, pain-relieving remedy for teething babies, gum-boils, oral thrush, bleeding gums, gingivitis, and post-extraction trauma healing.

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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