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“Rubbing It In” - Topical Creams And Ointment-Balms Work

It’s instinctive. We bump ourselves and we rub it ‘better’. The more pain, the more vigorous the rubbing. That instinct has provable scientific effect. Adding a topical cream or ointment-balm loaded with healing properties turns the rubbing response into a healing one. Let’s look at some lesser known facts about pain relief through topical applications.

It isn’t a court case with “either/or” when it comes to topical applications and oral pain relief - both have their tried and tested applications. However, it appears there is a general perception - a misperception actually, that topically applied herbal creams and ointment-balms are less effective than allopathic, oral remedies, so, let’s bust a few myths.

Myth 1: Allopathic Pain Relief – more effective than Topical Herbal Applications?

Here’s the thing to keep in mind. Chemically manufactured medicines most often only imitate what is found in nature. The body readily ‘recognizes’ all things natural, which results in maximum absorption, which translates into more efficacy per gram for your buck, in other words and less product needed for the same relief. Topical creams and ointment-balms can be applied repeatedly without ill-effect, giving ongoing pain relief as well as supplying healing properties as fast as the body is using them.

Myth 2: Oral Pain Relief - Faster Than Topical Herbal Applications?

The skin is considered the largest organ of the body. Herbal creams and ointment-balms are readily absorbed through the skin and reach the target area immediately. In the case of oral pain killers, the medicine has to get through the digestive system before being utilized, plus, it delivers a general analgesic effect without necessarily targeting the specific problem area. Understanding of course, that we are comparing situations where the target area is reachable via the skin. Someone suffering with Leukemia, can rub away on the skin forever and not touch the pain induced by the marrow’s immature red blood cell production. Morphine works perfectly in that case and even then, forget the slow oral pathway and go straight for injecting it into the veins. Let’s rest the case on oral ingestion right there.

Go Ahead and Rub It In - Topical Herbal Creams and Ointments Work

Topical herbal creams and ointment-balms come into their own for specific pain relief in the arthritic, nerve and skin condition arena specifically.  The amazing fact is that topical applications actually decrease the severity of those conditions in sufferers. More than that, tests have revealed that disease-related immunological and biological mediators involved in inflammation are altered by the use of topical applications.

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