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Skincare Inventory

We all have our personal health journey.  We are likely to pay more attention to heart health that skin health. But, because the skin is considered our largest organ, its health counts more than we realize. Time for a skincare inventory session.

Your Future Skin

The choices you make in skincare today are predicting the condition of your skin in the future. The nature of things performs in accord with the Law of the Harvest, namely, you can only reap what you sow.

Thirty years from now, your skin will be telling the story of your current skincare behaviour. Don’t be fooled by your youthful skin. Skin sheds daily. In many tomorrows, any lack of attention becomes a mission to correct.

Understanding the value of healthy skincare habits will stand you in good stead down the road. Skincare ought to be taught to children just as much as dental care is. In SA, where the culture spawns rough, tough males and competing females, skincare tends to fall into the ‘who cares?’ category and the last on the priorities list. Europeans educate their male and female children about skincare before the teen years arrive. The golden ‘peaches and cream’ standard for the perfect complexion belongs to people who don’t expose themselves to the sun’s harsh rays without protection and aftercare.


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Health Equity Includes Skincare

Skincare is both an inside and an outside job. What you and yur children consume affects the skin a much as what you lather on the surface. Attention to both dimensions equate to proper skincare.

Organic supplements to keep our internal state clen and unclogged is half the picture. The balance requires external skincare. Organic topical cures and creams are more powerful and serve a broader spectrum than chemical or artificial skincare products.

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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