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Smart Moves For Summer Skin

'Summertime, and the livin' is easy...' crooned Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Not easy anymore though when it comes to skincare in summertime, or it is?

The interesting thing about the skins is that it has innate wisdom and flexibility that are hindered by over-protection measures.

What smart moves can you make for your summer skin?

Summer Skincare Starts in Winter

Winter is dryer in some regions and people tend to load the moisturizing. But actually, caring for your skin in the Winter prepares it for the Summer. Your skincare routine need to not change much at all if you continually take good care.

Remember that the skin on your face and neck is considerably more sensitive than the skin on  your shoulders, arms and legs. 

Let the Skin on Your Face do the Talking

As you are more likely to be aware of the skin on your face and neck feeling taught or dehydrated, understand that your arms and legs will follow suit. That means that after swimming, you do well to shower your whole body with clear water and moisturize everywhere after towel drying.

If you have acne on your face, you may also be prone to it appearing on your arms or even on your back. Summertime may mean making more of an effort to wash regularly with an organic formula and use herbal creams and balms that treat acne rather than simply moistening with an over-the-counter or supermarket product.

Treat Your Skin  Sensibly

Skins are reactive organs. They get goosebumps, they ash up when we eat something untoward, the burn in too much heat, the turn blue when we're cold or lacking oxygen.

Treating your skin intelligently means supplying it with the kind of care that is best understands - nature's organic cures. Formations that are natural are readily 'recognized; by the skin, and nourishment gets into the inner layers of the skin, to the tendons, muscles and right to the bone.

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