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Supersalve: A Horse Healer's Ally

Beneath the bravado of every horse, lies a language woven from a subtle flick of an ear, the flare of nostrils, and the tremor in a whinny. To heal a horse requires a healing partnership of humans willing to walk the labyrinthine path of healing with hands that feel the tremor in a strong leg, eyes that never miss hidden hurt in a stoic gaze, and an unfathomable intuition and knowingness that comes with the work of the legendary horse-whisperer.

Caring for horses requires a special blend of knowledge and skill – the veterinarian's wisdom whispered through syringes, the science of organic salve preparations, and the caregivers who know what it means to monitor and support recovery.

Does your horse suffer from pain or inflammation? Supersalve, an all-natural salve made with organic ingredients, can help your equine friend find relief. Its unique blend and balance of key ingredients penetrates deeply, soothes, and promotes healing to get your horse back to feeling 100 percent again.

Let’s tell you about three real-life accounts of the kind of healing Supersalve has become known for.

  • Supersalve Soothes Horses with African Horse Sickness

The biting insect carrying the African Horse Sickness (AHS) virus is the Culicoides midge a.k.a. ‘miggie’, causing serious illness akin to human encephalitis. Dikkop AHS is a particularly devastating strain, but one for which Supersalve’s potent combo of seven organic ingredients direct from nature’s apothecary, can be used alongside veterinary care to catapult healing.

According to Van Wijk Street Vet: “There is no specific treatment for animals with AHS apart from rest and good husbandry.” When this is the case, the addition of lavish amounts of Supersalve All-Care balm, with added Tea-Tree oil (also available at has been described as miraculous support for symptoms of AHS, allowing the immunity of the horse’s body to nuke the virus.

  • Supersalve Rescues a case of Rotated Pedal Bone

An untreated Pedal bone a.k.a. Coffin bone issue of any sort, is a cripplingly painful condition for horses. Management is the way forward, with a recovery rate of weeks or even months. The affected hoof needs to be specifically trimmed in relation to whichever areas the foot is loaded, to keep the horse as comfortable as possible.

A horse with a rotated pedal bone will take to lying down often, while Supersalve, which penetrates the hoof, can be applied daily for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 

  • Supersalve and Hoof Abscesses

An abscess in the hoof is absolute agony for a horse and they tend to hold their foreleg up just as they would if a bone was broken - it’s that painful. Hot water foot soaks with Epsom salts, and yes, a great big dollop of Supersalve with its anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties assist in drawing it out, and again, very soothing for the horse.

Warrick, an exceptional KZN horse, shown in the picture above with part of the abscess building in his hoof protruding from the soft tissue of the Coronary Band.

Thanks to the experience and intuition of his carer, Patsy Devine, and loads of Supersalve that she swears by, he has won his abscess battle after a massive release of the rapidly accumulating pus.

Conclusion: Unlike many topical ointments, Supersalve’s formulation facilitates deep penetration. Its organic ingredients, including calendula, eucalyptus, and clove, boast natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This bioavailable blend makes Supersalve well-suited for addressing the many and varied ailments of horses and guiding them back to the sunlit meadows of health.

 NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between - proving invaluable in assisting ailments peculiar to horses.

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