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Therapeutic Self Massage

While there’s nothing more wonderful than a professional massage, daily self-massage with a good quality organic lotion is incredibly therapeutic.  It will do wonders to keep your tension and stress levels at bay and promote a sense of balanced wellbeing.

If you find your skin is dry, and your thoughts are all over the place, you feel sluggish, are struggling to sleep or just feeling generally off-colour, then self-massage is called for. It will become your go-to remedy before you know it. You will find it is a way of connecting your head to your body’s innate wisdom.

A short daily practice of 10 minutes will silence your inner critic, tune you in to your inner attributes of bliss, beauty and awareness. The best part is that self massage awakens your body’s innate healing capability. What's to loose?

3 Top Benefits of Self-Massage

  1. Body-Mind Restoration – you can decide whether you need to calm yourself or energize your body and your mind. An energetic stroke will accomplish the former, and a gentle, slower touch will accomplish the latter - up to you.
  2. Self-Detox – in self massage you have access to the largest organ you have – your skin. Accumulated toxins cause sluggishness and tiredness. Massage with a natural balm will flush out impurities through the skin.
  3. Retards Ageing - we have your attention on this one for sure! Youthfulness is characterized by joy, vitality and resilience – that’s what self-massage will bring to you.

The 'How to' of Self-Massage

First, dry scrub all over your body with a rough towel, including your face and neck and head (hair or no hair). Warm some organic balm as needed in the palms of your hands. Starting with your head – yes, a shower afterwards is going to happen, massage your scalp using both your fingertips and the palms of your hands.

Work onto your forehead, ears, temples, face and jaw with circular movements. Move onto your neck but remember to use upward strokes.

Use circular motion for the back of your neck and use your right hand for your left shoulder and vise-versa.

When you massage your arms, always move toward your heart – use long even stokes on muscles and circular movement on joints.

Give your hard-working hands a bit of care too,  both your palms and the top of your hands need attention and work over each finger, and every knuckle.

Use circular clockwise movements on your chest and abdomen. The same goes for your hips and buttocks. Give a few extra minutes to your feet, remember to move toward the heart on the tops o your feet and circular strokes for your soles.

There, you’re all done!

Give yourself a moment. Breathe deeply a few times.

Sink into a waiting hot bath or step into and invigorating shower. Try to use organic body washes and shampoos.

If you’re a guy and need to shave your face, use organic products for that too.

Treating yourself to a therapeutic self-massage session every day will ground you in a wonderful sense of equilibrium. It will remind you to enjoy life, to thrive rather than just survive.

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NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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