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Climate Change and Your Skin

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”
— Erno Laszlo


As we watch climate change affect the weather, we need to remember that the brunt of environmental stressors is borne by our skin. 

The MYSA website notes: 

"Factors such as rising temperatures, increased UV radiation, pollution, and extreme weather conditions can significantly impact our skin’s health and appearance. Climate-adaptive skincare refers to adjusting our skincare routine and product choices to meet the specific needs of our skin in response to climate change. By adopting a climate-adaptive approach, we can better protect and nourish our skin while minimizing the effects of environmental stressors."

 SA Conditions

Being comfortable in your own skin is one thing, keeping it healthy is another. For some reason our South African culture didn’t get the memo on this. In European countries, skincare is taught in childhood. Both genders use skin clinics and healthcare professionals to learn how to take care of their particular skin.

In South Africa, we seem to still be stuck into the ‘rough and ready’ look of the ‘tough’, macho man and the sun-kissed female form. Big mistake. Your skin is your most priceless accessory. When you respect your skin, it shows, actually it glows!

Supersalve Emergency Skincare 

In a family scenario, it makes a lot of sense to keep ‘first-aid’ skincare products in a place you can readily access them when needed.

Supersalve organic skincare balms, oils and lotions already answer many skincare issues that might arise, such as;

  • Cell Care Oil – 9 organic ingredients in grapeseed oil make this the perfect solution for babies and the elderly, from strained muscles, allergic reactions and rashes.
  • Supersalve All-Care Balm – possibly the most versatile of the organic range, this balm belongs with your first-aid items – from psoriasis, eczema, acne, wounds and bites, this jar of balm is described as magical.
  • Supersalve Plus – safe for the most allergy-sensitive skin, anti-oxidant properties from 14 powerful ingredients revitalize skin as a moisturizer and more.
  • Supersalve Sports Rub – recommended by doctors and practitioners to speed recovery from all sporting and minor injuries. Penetrating power delivers organic repair to skin, muscles, and tendons to bone-depth.

The Supersalve range expanded from the original balm formulation, which is still astounds users with its efficacy. 

Conclusion: the skin is our first defense but it also bears many scars and is exposed to environmental toxins every day. Regular cleansing and nurturing with Supersalve's organic preparations will be an excellent first defense against what we ask of our skin every day that we live.

NB: All SUPERSALVE products are completely free from petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, and are safe for the whole family, from babies to the elderly and everything in between!

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