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What is Supersalve Sports Rub used for?

Supersalve Sports Rub for adults and kids muscle or arthritic pain
Muscle sprains , strains and injuries are not limited to active sporty people. At risk are the unfit and children who land in emergency rooms regarding injuries. Supersalve's Sports Rub works to speed up healing to bone depth.

Skin Stress

Supersalve balm massage Skin Body Scrub Organic
Skin takes strain too. Organic home-made exfoliating recipe that improves absorption of healing balms for the skin. Supersalve Herbal Sports Rub has potent organic ingredients you skin will literally 'drink' in as it penetrates deep into the tissues.

Feeling it in Your Bones?

organic balm soothes bone and joint pain
Pain in the bones and joints affects almost everyone at some stage. Organic balms and ointments support and speed up the body's innate healing process.

Intelligent Skin Care

News Intelligent Skin Care Supersalve
What we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream. Intelligent use of  organic topical creams, balms and ointments avoids turning our bodies into a toxic dump.

Understanding the Super in Supersalve

supersalve organic balm healing cream

Topical creams abound, but understanding the super in Supersalve will set this balm apart form the rest. This is no mere superficial skin salve; it is packed with the best of nature’s ingredients.

Gum Health and your Smile

Gum health Gum drops Supersalve
Gum health can be easily overlooked but the consequences of neglect will soon wipe the smile off your face. Bad breath, red, swollen gums, teeth th...

Holiday Toothache Solutions

Supersalve gum drops
Nothing worse than trying to holiday with a toothache issue on the go! Be equipped with Supersalve Gum Drops  - safe for teething babies, pets and the elderly.

Your Skin Matters in the Holidays

All-care Skin Balm  Supersalve Plus

How to achieve glowing skin for holiday photos is within everyone’s reach. Supersalve Plus can be your secret weapon for this season’s festivities.

Baby Massage, Why they Love it

Baby Massage, Why they Love it

Regular massage for babies is shown to vastly improve their overall health, including their mental, emotional and physical development and well-being. Digestive health is directly improved with massage.

Why Your Skin Needs African Potato

Why Your Skin Needs African Potato

Accessing the super potent healing properties of the African Potato plant through the skin via a topical salve brings rapid relief in skin ailments.

Avocado Packs a Punch in Topical Creams

Avocado Packs a Punch in Topical Creams
Using organic avocado oils in a balm or topical save means getting its potent properties in through the skin right to bone depth

The Healing Properties of St. John’s Wort

Organic balms creams & Oils

The long recognized healing power in St John’s Wort finds it used in external and internal applications. Supersalve’s range of oils, balms, and creams all contain this wonder ingredient. Let its potent healing power get to work for you.