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Organic Mosquito Repellent

Organic Supersalve balm insect repellent
Once you've learned how absorbent human skin is, you don't want to spraying yourself and your children with chemicals to prevent insect bites. With...

Organic Oil for Your Ailments

cell care oil
Supersalve harnessed the power of nine potent organic ingredients to create a Cell Care essential oil. Minor injuries, strains, sprains, cuts and scrapes or recovery after sports or a gym workout to the itchy skin and aching joints of the elderly lap up this liquid gold and feel the benefits.

What Tea Tree Oil Will Do For You

tea tree oil acne skin antiseptic
Tea Tree as an essential oil is a marvel of nature. Its uses to us for healing properties and antiseptic uses, make it a must-have. Read more to learn how it can benefit you and your loved ones.

Does Topical, Herbal Pain Relief Work?

Does Topical, Herbal Pain Relief Work?
Natural, herbal analgesic creams are soaked up rapidly by the skin. Herbal creams bring a broad spectrum of beneficial ingredients directly into the body via the skin.

Smart Moves For Summer Skin

Supersalve organic skin balm
Skins are reactive organs. They get goosebumps, they ash up when we eat something untoward, the burn in too much heat, the turn blue when we're cold or lacking oxygen. What smart moves can you make for your summer skin?

How to Recharge Your Skin

Organic skincare for the whole family
Skincare suitable for the whole family ios hard to come by. recharge your skin with Supersalve Plus organic formulations in readiness for the summer.

Why You Skin will Love Supersalve

Supersalve all Care Balm for all skin types
Supesalve's range of organic topical formulations do work miracles. Whether you need immediate help for a skin condition or just want nature's healing touch on your skin every day, discover what Supersalve does for you and your loved ones.

Skincare Inventory

Skincare Supersalve organic
We all have our personal health journey.  We are likely to pay more attention to heart health that skin health. But, because the skin is considered...

Organic Rescue for Traumatized Skin

Supersalve natural organic balm
Traumatized skin is felt no more acutely than when the skin on your hands reacts to stress, seasonal change or chemicals. We do everything with our...

Therapeutic Self Massage

Therapeutic Self Massage
While there’s nothing more wonderful than a professional massage, daily self-massage with a good quality organic lotion is incredibly therapeutic. ...

Awesome Natural Scalp and Facial Skin Care Tips

Supersalve Plus skincare natural facial and scalp balm
Traditional facial skincare is not always suitable for the scalp. Whether the scalp is beautifully adored with hair or not, it needs to be treated separately. 

A Strong Case for Natural Topical Pain Relief

A Strong Case for Natural Topical Pain Relief
The NIH (National Institutes of Health) makes the salient point that ‘chronic pain is a problem for more individuals in the United States than diab...