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Supersalve's Sensible Season Skincare

Supersalve's Sensible Season Skincare

Nature knows best and the ingredients in natural and organic formulations provide your skin with everything it needs to balance the ratio of water to oil on your skin.
Organic Remedy for Insect Bites & Skin Injuries

Organic Remedy for Insect Bites & Skin Injuries

Your skin comes more into contact with the rest of the world than any other organ but the skin sustains injuries, cuts and scratches, and is often attacked by flying and crawling critters of many kinds.
Save Your Skin from Phthalates

Save Your Skin from Phthalates

Switch to organic creams, ointments and balms will significantly reduce exposure to the phthalates found so abundantly in cosmetics, skin lotions, shampoos and bath gels. 
Supersalve organic skincare

What's Been Seeping into Your Skin?

With all that your skin protects you from, it may be difficult to remember that it is not plastic! It ‘eats’ and ‘drinks’, in that it absorbs more than you're likely aware of. 
Smooth Skin, Want Some?

Smooth Skin, Want Some?

The skin has a natural balance between natural oils and water, and when they are out of balance, you can tell by the appearance of your skin.
Supersalve All Care Balm

Powerful Organic Parfait for Your Skin

What you feed your body and what you feed your skin, work in symbiosis to create healthy, youthful, glowing skin. Teach your children to eat mindfully long before they hit the teen years when the skin starts to reflect what’s going on inside. Every family member should understand their own skin and how to take care of it.
Body skin care

Skin Affairs Include Body-Skin Manoeuvres

Your body skin will respond to your efforts to exfoliate, brush, nourish and hydrate. Teaching your family to care for their body skin as much as facial skin encourages the self-care ethic we need to offset environmental and incidental stresses to body skin.
Supersalve skincare oil nourishes

Essential Skin Care Oil to the Power of Nine 

Cell Care Oil takes the ‘au natural’ trend up a significant notch, working at cellular level for maximum effect. Nine organic ingredients amp up the power of this Supersalve marvel.
Supersalve gum drops

How Your Gums Affect Your Health

Periodontitis is the medical name for gum disease, but being smart means not letting your gems or those of your children get into that state.  Supersalve gum drop bottle, which is great for teething babies, for toothache till you get to the dentist and for post dental surgery trauma will keep your mouth and gums healthy.
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Adopt a Non-toxic Approach to Skincare

Your skin is a marvel of engineering genius and while its works silently and invisibly, your support counts. Nourish yourself internally and externally and love the skin you’re in!
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Feed Your Face a Feast this Winter

 A few smart habits for yourself and your family will keep your faces glowing with health, elasticity, and vibrancy.
Supersalve Gum organic Drops

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Gumdrops are more than just a relief measure till you can get to the dentist, they supply your gums with added support and protection when used more regularly as part of your oral hygiene.